Kips Bay 2020 takes on Texas in Inaugural Dallas Show House

For those unfamiliar with the Kips Bay Decorator Show House, it is essentially the Met Gala for interior designers. Over the last 47 years, Kips Bay paired with the Boys and Girls Club began transforming Manahattan homes into elegant interior design exhibits.

Designers and Architects from across the country come together to collaborate taking on the project of a home room by room showing their unique styles and influencing design trends worldwide.

In 2017 Kips Bay expanded from Manhattan to Palm Beach, with its success, Kips Bay continues growing now down South to Dallas Texas. The show is star-studded with lone star state designers having 23 of the 27 designers from Texas. 

The 2020 Dallas Show House opens to the public on September 25 and will remain open until October 25. The show house is located at 5828 Woodland Drive, Dallas, TX. Visitors are welcome Monday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Opening-night tickets for September 24 are $250; show house tickets are $40. The event will benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx, New York, as well as local nonprofits, Dwell with Dignity and The Crystal Charity Ball.

Kips Bay Decorator Dallas Show House is co-chaired by Christopher Peacock and Jan Showers, with vice-chairs Jean Liu and Chad Dorsey, along with Veranda editor in chief Steele Marcoux as honorary chair.

Designers include Cathy Kincaid Interiors, Dallas; Chad Dorsey Design, Dallas, L.A.; Cravotta Interiors, Austin; Dina Bandman Interiors, San Francisco; Doniphan Moore Interiors, Dallas; Erin Sander Design, Dallas; Jan Showers, Dallas; Kevin Spearman Design Group, Houston, NYC; Kirsten Kelli, Dallas, NYC, Greenwich; Lambert Landscape Company, Dallas; artist Letitia Huckaby, represented by Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas/Fort Worth; M Interiors, Dallas; M Naeve, Houston; Marcus Mohon Interiors, Austin, Houston; Mark D. Sikes Interiors, L.A.; Melissa Gerstle Design, Dallas; Michelle Nussbaumer, Dallas; Rottet Studio, Houston; Sees Design, Dallas; Sherry Hayslip Interiors, Dallas; Studio Thomas James, Dallas; Ten Plus Three, Dallas; Traci Zeller Interiors, Charlotte; Tracy Hardenburg Designs, Dallas; Trish Sheats Interior Design, Dallas-Fort Worth; Viviano Viviano, Houston; and Wells Design, Dallas, Houston.


Location for the 2020 Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas, 5828 Woodland Drive in Old Preston Hollow. The show house is open September 25 through October 25.

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