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How to Design a Kosher Kitchen with Expert Lisa Eisen

Kosher Kitchen Design with Expert Lisa Eisen

Designing a kosher kitchen requires a lot of nuances and understanding on how you want your kitchen to look while following kosher dietary laws. To clarify how to design a kosher kitchen, we spoke to an expert on kitchen design. Lisa Eisen has been designing kitchens for 20 years in Rockland County, specializing in Jewish kitchens. We took the chance to pick her very creative mind and see what goes into constructing a kosher kitchen.


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Dome Deco, Where Design And Geometry Intersect

Bring new ANGLES to your décor. Geometric elements are modern trends in interior decorating and are a great way to design beautiful and stylish interiors. Dôme Deco furniture and accessories with geometric shapes add rhythm and interest to interior design and create cosmopolitan living spaces with simple shapes that are intriguing and captivating.

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Cambria USA Hosts Comfort, Connection & Community Event 2021

Cambria USA hosted this year’s Comfort, Connection & Community event with Patti Carpenter as a host and panelist. Other notable guest speakers from well-established interior designing companies joined the event by discussing how trends have changed over the past year. The discussion focused on how those trends were influenced by last year’s pandemic.

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