Tony Mazlish Talks About NeoCon, X-Chair, And The Future Of The Chair Industry

X-Chair team at NeoCon

X-Chair, a leading name within the office chair industry, utilizes components that are often overlooked, providing the best features that cutting-edge technology has to offer, while combining modern aesthetics of design to each of its products. Without compromising any of its qualities, X-Chair gives its consumers the best of both worlds, providing both the looks and the pragmatic functionality that comes with a high-quality office chair.

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Keilhauer Addresses New Ways Of Working With New Collections At Neocon

Today at NeoCon, the world’s leading platform event of the year for the commercial design industry, Keilhauer unveils three new product lines: Melete, Forsi, and the GSD collection. Forsi and GSD are the latest designs from long-time Keilhauer collaborators  EOOS, and the Melete seating collection is a new partnership with Swedish-based design firm  Afteroom. All three of Keilhauer’s latest launches act as sophisticated, functional solutions for  the ever-changing modern workplace, and the evolving needs of those who occupy them.  

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Keilhauer Expands The Cahoots Collection With Modern Finishes

Today at NeoCon, Keilhauer is launching new finishes for a  selection of products from their award-winning Cahoots product line, which was originally  launched at NeoCon in 2010. The line’s side and lounge chairs are now available with wood  bases, and its tabletops are now available in two new options: laminate or quartz, supplied by Cambria Quartz Surfaces. 

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