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Ace Hardware Names Glow Home December 2019 Color of the Month

Every month, Ace Hardware‘s Paint Studio reveals its Color of the Month pick for the upcoming 30 days ahead.

Valspar’s Glow Home VR040E

For December 2019, the shade being featured by the brand is Valspar‘s Glow Home VR040E.

“This raw wood shade is the light, unencumbered backdrop for a minimalistic lifestyle that is full of life,” The Paint Studio shared on its website. “The lightness has just a touch of comforting yellow.”

While it may not be a Christmas red or a snowy white, this color is a great way to end the year. As the holiday season approaches, this shade acts as a reminder to slow down and focus on what’s important.

“Knowing we have more than enough, we seek a better balance by stripping away the nonessentials,” Ace Hardware shared about the color. “We do away with things and live in the moment. This whisper-soft color invites us to embrace the space.”

Valspar’s Glow Home VR040E. Photography via Ace Hardware

“This zero-fuss color finds its bliss in a clutter-free space,” the studio recommended. “Keep décor to a minimum, choosing negative space and raw finishes like empty wood frames. Let the wall color be the art.”

This sunny neutral is a beautiful extension of the studio’s November 2019 trend choice, Bright Cactus. We could see this shade working wonderfully with that electric green, but Ace Hardware also recommends pairing Glow Home with Sandy Trail VR099C, Tea Party NR074D, and Warm Oatmeal 24-1A.

Stay tuned for more brands’ top Color of the Month picks, coming each month to House Tipster Industry.

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