Elsa Soyars Unveils Nomad’s Bedroom at Holiday House Hamptons 2019

Elsa Soyars wanted to create an eclectic globetrotter’s hub for this year’s Holiday House Hamptons charity show in Water Mill, New York. Together with Cliff Young, the designer created a master bedroom suite called “A Nomad Mad World,” that is filled with elegant lighting, luxe furniture, and special collectibles.

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Root Cellar Designs Creates Powder Room at Holiday House Hamptons 2019

If you are looking luxurious and historical design, you will find it in Tamara Stephenson’s space for the Holiday House 2019 show in the Hamptons. The interior designer, author, and co-owner of New York-based textile and wallpaper company Root Cellar Designs, created an elegant powder room for this summer’s show home.

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