Tony Mazlish Talks About NeoCon, X-Chair, And The Future Of The Chair Industry

X-Chair team at NeoCon

X-Chair, a leading name within the office chair industry, utilizes components that are often overlooked, providing the best features that cutting-edge technology has to offer, while combining modern aesthetics of design to each of its products. Without compromising any of its qualities, X-Chair gives its consumers the best of both worlds, providing both the looks and the pragmatic functionality that comes with a high-quality office chair.

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Dome Deco, Where Design And Geometry Intersect

Bring new ANGLES to your décor. Geometric elements are modern trends in interior decorating and are a great way to design beautiful and stylish interiors. Dôme Deco furniture and accessories with geometric shapes add rhythm and interest to interior design and create cosmopolitan living spaces with simple shapes that are intriguing and captivating.

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One Chair, Three Different Styles: Meet Goldi

Everybody knows about Goldilocks and the three bears, but they’re about to learn about Goldilocks and the three chairs. Division Twelve is excited to introduce the interior design community to Goldi, the just-right addition to their ever-expanding line of bent steel furniture. Inspired by the beloved fairy tale, Goldi is Division Twelve’s unique take on the classic plywood chair, available in three customizable leg styles: Thin, Classic, and Chunky. Stackable, functional and super stylish, Goldi will have every passerby trying to break in and  have a seat. 

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