Baldwin Hardware Diversifies The Estate Portfolio With Mixed Metal Levers

Baldwin Hardware of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SPB) announces the launch of its newest product: Mixed Metal Levers. Baldwin has taken one of its most popular lever designs and expanded its finish offering to include mixed finish options. No longer taboo but encouraged, mixing metal palettes can add a touch of variation to keep any space from looking too tense or manufactured. The L029 and L030 levers are now available as à la carte sets and are available in 10 mixed metal finish combinations. Create a custom look within your home with these stunning new mixed metal levers, beginning at $140 per handleset.

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Earth and technology to sustainably build the cities of the future: Florim presents EARTHTECH/

EARTHTECH/ is the new Florim collection that tells a primordial story with an eye to a responsible future. A technical product with a tactile design and name that represents its multi-faceted nature: “earth” as a timeless material and as a planet to respect and protect, and “tech” as innovation and a synonym of high performance.

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