Behind the Scenes with Christopher Guy Harrison of Christopher Guy

It’s not every day you meet someone as nice as Christopher Guy Harrison, the visionary behind the lifestyle brand Summer 2017 Las Vegas Market.

Our plan was to learn a little about Christopher and his designs, but he amazed us with wonderful stories and phenomenal insight on the industry and his part in helping shape it.

By the end of our conversation, we had a better understanding of Christopher, his company, and his fabulous designs — and we were genuinely bowled over by what we saw and heard.

Here are some of the reasons why Christopher Guy is a brand to watch:

Humble Beginnings

Design came into Christopher’s life at an early age. At 16, while others were in school, Christopher left his program to build a home in Provence, France with his stepfather. This was when he first became interested in design.

But it wasn’t just his building experience that fueled his fire to create. In fact, it was a common influence that motivated him: movies and television. Christopher fell in love with the lifestyles portrayed in movies like James Bond and the show “The Persuaders!” starring Tony Curtis and Roger Moore. He’d take notice of the cars, the furniture, and the portrayal of wealth, and decided that he wanted to design around that lifestyle.

That influence has carried Christopher into the present. Today, he still takes into account that luxurious lifestyle he admired as a kid.

When asked about his current design icon, he told us it is Coco Chanel, hands down.

Christopher said, “I try to design everything about what I think her home would look like.”

Mirrors & More

Christopher’s first true foray into the fast-paced world of design began with mirrors. Why mirrors? Because he believed they should be considered the jewel of a room. You don’t need many, just one, and it must be beautiful.

Over time, his mirror designs have evolved to match consumer demand. We really adore the Adinantum mirror, which resembles a bird’s nest, as well as the serene design of Constellation. Regardless of your preferred style, there’s a Christopher Guy mirror out there for you.


Modern or classic? It’s a question many designers here at “Market” are asked. At first glance, many Christopher Guy designs appear classic, especially because Christopher uses a number of curves in his pieces.

But according to Christopher, he’s neither modern or classic. He’s something completely different. He’s timeless.

“Timeless” really is a great way to describe his work.

According to Christopher, “I’m trying to be viable, today, tomorrow, and in the future. It’s like politics. You don’t want to go too far left or right. You just have to keep in the middle.”


One of Christopher Guy’s signature pieces is actually his Chris-X dining chair. Truth be told, even if this wasn’t one of his defining design, this chair immediately caught our eye. We couldn’t wait to know more about the inspiration behind the design.

Christopher described the idea of Chris-X by talking about how we all look at dining room chairs—which is from the back.  Because you don’t look at this chairs from the front, he wanted the design to start from the back of the chair.

“I wanted it to have a tight waistline, like a woman, with crisscrossed legs,” he said.

And voila! Chris-X.

Like consumers and retailers worldwide, our House Tipster team agreed that the Chris-X chair legs are easily one of the most memorable furniture designs we’ve seen here at Market.

Market Influence

Christopher Guy Harrison is, in our eyes, one of the kings of the Las Vegas Market.

He was named the 2011 Market Design Icon and he continues to come to each bi-annual event. But you wouldn’t know he’s received this award as well as numerous others because he’s so humble. Indeed, Christopher’s favorite part of receiving this accolade wasn’t the attention, but the fact that he was able to talk with and hopefully inspire a new generation of emerging designers.

At this summer’s “Market,” Christopher plans to float around and chat with other designers, new friends and old, and enjoy some industry camaraderie.

What’s Next For Christopher Guy

Since Christopher Guy is a lifestyle brand, the company’s focus will continue to be on the consumer moving forward. Currently, Christopher and his team are working on ways to revitalize some key designs to meet demands for a “cleaner” look with less curvature. Of course, his designs aren’t going to stray too far away from the fabulous curves we love in the Chris-X chairs, they’re simply adapting to stay timeless!

In addition, Christopher is diving into the world of technology. He’s in the process of creating programs to help retailers and consumers create room plans and proposals.

“We’re trying to make sales convenient for the retailer and the consumer,” said Christopher.

This part of the business is set to launch in 2018.

When you consider what Christopher Guy Harrison has brought to the design world thus far, and then factor in how he’ll continue to transform the industry, it’s obvious that Christopher should remain on all our radars.

We can’t wait to see Christopher Guy Harrison again at future design events. Until then, we’ll have to keep on the lookout for his new software venture and up-and-coming design offerings.

To browse Christopher Guy’s collections, head to this website or visit showrooms in Las Vegas, High Point, New York, and West Hollywood.

Day 2 Recap: Las Vegas Market

Wow! Things are lively, to say the least, here at “Market.” Over the past 48 hours, the team here at House Tipster has been busy meeting with designers and brand managers who represent hundreds and thousands of products here at the World Market Center in Las Vegas.

Without a doubt, the Summer 2017 Las Vegas Market is living up to its reputation as the largest and most comprehensive furniture, home decor, and gift wholesale market west of the Mississippi. So far, our favorite part of this amazing event is getting to know so many people passionate about the products they’re selling.

Plus, we’ve been lucky enough to get to go behind the scenes, so to speak, and interview a number of influential designers in the industry to bring the latest news on emerging residential and commercial decorations straight to you.

While it’s almost impossible to highlight every exhibitor that blew us away, here were a few of our favorites from Day 2.

Phillips Collection

Talking at-length with Jason Phillips, VP at Phillips Collection, was quite the experience. As the son of Phillips Collection founders Larry and Sherry, Jason has used his skills and expertise in industrial design to incorporate more natural designs and the use of traditional furniture-building skills.

Today, Jason works with a team of artists and designers in-house to create products sustainably, such as their extensive lines of coffee tables all the way down to simple vases and bowls. One of their most popular designs, the Seat Belt Chair, is sold exclusively by Phillips Collection. It’s comfortable and totally trendy!

Like other exhibitors at Market, Phillips Collection maintains a permanent booth here in the World Market Center Las Vegas. If you’re ever in Vegas, check them out. Otherwise, find a rep using this link.


We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Adesso’s product development manager, Amanda Schaak. Adesso, a New York-based company, sells a variety of lighting accents and furniture that’s ready to assemble and remarkably affordable.

It was easy to be drawn into their booth here at Market. In fact, we immediately fell in love with their pendants and floor lamps. Their use of paper, copper, and natural fibers like burlap creates a very relaxed vibe perfect for beach and country homes. But then again, many of Adesso’s products have a contemporary feel as well. Basically, just about anyone can find something perfect for them from Adesso.

To shop Adesso, check out their website and then head to many major retailers, from Target to Bloomingdales.

Cal Lighting

Although we only had the pleasure of viewing a handful of Cal Lighting’s gigantic 5,000-plus product inventory, we appreciated the company’s focus on the consumer. All their offerings are reasonably priced and very functional, including one of our favorite lighting products to date: a floor lamp complete with a ratchet system similar to a beach chair!

According to Robert Cooper, our Cal Lighting contact, their products are available at a number of stores, in addition to three permanent showrooms located in Las Vegas, High Point, and Dallas.

Currently, Cal Lighting & Accessories is working on incorporating LED and USB ports into their products.

United Weavers of America

After beginning their company in Garfield, New Jersey, the owners of United Weavers of America relocated to Dalton, Georgia 20 years ago.

This season, the company is introducing a 12-by-15-foot rug called 12 Oaks. It’s made of 100% polyester with a solid cotton backing and can ship in a standard box, a great solution for retailers looking to save on shipping costs.

Vita Copenhagen

Vita Copenhagen is a Danish design company offering a great selection of nature-inspired lighting designs. Jonas Hahn-Petersen, US sales director, told us all about how Vita Copenhagen is using natural shapes and materials, giving consumers a quality product.

If you’re into using recycled materials, look no further than Vita Copenhagen’s lampshades made with recycled goosefeathers. These feathers are actually repurposed from the food industry and then hand-sewn into the lampshade fibers. The result is definitely a talking point for any room!

In addition, almost any of their lampshades mix and match with their wiring component products, meaning every lamp is completely personalized, all the way down to the light bulb!

Find a dealer here.

Crestview Collection

Bryan Williams, the executive vice president of Crestview Collection, a home decor company based in Memphis, Tenn., spoke extensively and with a ton of passion about his company and overall trends in the decoration industry.

Here at Market, Bryan and his team are introducing a number of new designs in their accent furniture and lighting categories. Bryan says that all decor themes are really taking off, including coastal and lodge-inspired designs.

To accommodate consumer demand, Crestview Collection has ramped up its production of large-scale wall decor, lighting with embellishments, and the use of natural materials like glass.

As you can see from its online catalog, Crestview Collection touches on a bit of every design category in its collections. We love the mix of contemporary to traditional and everything in-between.

Adagio Water Features

Salt Lake City-based manufacturer Adagio Water Features designs and manufactures top-notch, hand-crafted water features. Per Sean Dunleavy, account manager at Adagio, this Salt Lake City company is focused first and foremost on quality, which is why every product is made of high-end materials with a number of customizable options suitable for any home or business.

Adagio offers both indoor and outdoor freestanding and wall-mounted water features. Once you choose the size of your feature, you can then customize it with particular finishes including metal or stone. Our entire House Tipster team appreciated how personalized each water feature can be.

When we first walked by Adagio’s exhibit, we immediately felt relaxed by the sound of running water.

If you’re interested in creating a sanctuary in your own home, find a dealer near you.

Orian Rugs

Paul Mixon of Orian rugs showed us one of his flagship products “Wild Weave,” which uses multiple color technology to create a vibrant effect. It’s a new process for Orian Rugs. In fact, it’s only been over the past year that they began using polypropylene-based dye to introduce as many as 20 colors into each fiber.

According to Paul, this is a “next generation” technology that’s completely taking the rug and carpet world by storm. We agree, it’s awesome!

In addition to these amazing products and brands, we spoke with a number of other representatives, including Nova, High Plains Art, Yosemite, BeautyRest, and Tufan Rugs. We’ll bring you more on these manufacturers later this week!

To continue getting a backstage look at this season’s Las Vegas Market, keep up with our social media channels, Instagram, and Facebook.

Phillips Collection’s Organic Furniture Popular Worldwide

House Tipster invites you to discover and explore our newest inspiration: The Phillips Collection. Here’s an insightful interview we had with Jason Phillips, vice president and creative director at Phillips Collection.

House Tipster: Jason, it’s nice to meet you. The Phillips Collection is awe-inspiring! I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview you for the audience of Would you tell our readers why the Phillips Collection is so successful?

Jason Phillips: We have always marched to the beat of our own drum. We search the world for intriguing objects, and through decades of experience understanding the tastes of designers and their clientele we know what they are looking to place in their environments. We have also learned that style and sensibility varies drastically around the country and world, so we take a three-pronged approach to meeting these needs.

HT: What is the three-step process that works so well to meet the drastically different needs?

Jason: First, we try to design products that meet the most universal audience. Pieces that can exist in contemporary, transitional, rustic, and even traditional interiors.

Second, we design into specific markets. We know the high-end residential market in New York City requires smaller scale for smaller interiors, and of course luxurious finishes. But our commercial customers designing lobbies need scale.

Lastly, and most importantly, we discover new designs, new scale, and new finishes. We don’t often know how those will play out. That is, for us, the most exciting aspect of Phillips Collection.

HT: What is the table in highest demand from your customers?

Jason: The best reaction came from our Amethyst and Agate tables. The bestseller continues to be our live edge Chamcha wood dining table from our Origins Collection. It has been a runaway success based on the natural beauty of the wood and the sustainability story regarding how we source these reclaimed pieces.

HT: Is every single stone table unique?

Jason: We deal with extraordinary one-of-a-kind furnishings. So each table has its own individual product id. We take the time to measure, weigh, and photograph plus list each piece. And when they are sold, they undergo a deluxing process of re-sanding and refinishing the table so each one leaves the facility in perfect condition.

But we also sell plenty of furnishings that are repeatable. The individuality of the Origins Collection is something quite unique in the market — especially for a company of our size.

HT: Millennials are different than other generations and demand honesty, authenticity, and transparency from companies they spend their money with. They are flocking to your collections. Why is that?

Jason: We love to explore found materials, celebrating nature and the unusual. Our Origins Collection is responsibly sourced. Many of the root tables are pulled from the ground where not a single tree was cut down. We don’t only end up with an extraordinary table base, but we clean the land and make it farmable once again. We reclaim oil drums, paint cans, bicycle wheels… and turn them into funky wall art and sculpture.

We are transparent in our business operations and celebrate artisans around the world. It is how we’ve always operated, even thirty years back when the Millennials generation were babies. We do love knowing Millennials see the value and natural beauty of our collection.

HT: A lot more people are working from home nowadays. What types of solutions do you offer?

Jason: We have wonder, small scale tables, stools, and chairs that work in home offices. As I mentioned earlier, we design specifically for smaller spaces since many of our clients live in large cities where rents have skyrocketed. We have high end collections but also products at price points that a larger audience of young people can access.

HT: What are your most impactful pieces?

Jason: The Origins dining, coffee, and console tables. We work with every part of the tree and seek out those pieces with cracks and character marks, unusual grain patterns and dramatic scale. It is a celebration of nature. Each piece resonated differently with people. And when someone loves our table, they really fawn over it!

HT: What collection pieces been voted Most popular?

Jason: While our Origins business is iconic in its own right, we have some amazing tables, sculptures, wall art and seating that wows our customers. From seat belt chairs to river stone tables, amethyst columns and oil drum wall discs, we have exciting designs in every category.

HT: What do customers special request most often?

Jason: Our customers often require slight modifications to the tables. Whether they need it cut down 6 inches or perhaps raised to bar height. But we also get the requests for different stains, sheens and durability requirements.

As for our commercial customers, they sometimes want us to add the ability to put electrical outlets in the tables with hidden cords for conference rooms and laptop and smartphone charging. To achieve this, we have a full woodshop and state of the art spray booth to handle our large-scale tables.

HT: Jason, we thank you for your time. It has been such a pleasure and very exciting browsing the stunning pieces in the Phillips Collection. We’re sure our readers will agree. Is there anything else you would like to tell them?

Jason: We invite House Tipster users to visit us online at Phillips Collection to discover the full breath of our unique collection gallery.

If you are looking for innovative and unique designs for the furnishings in your home or business, then be sure to visit a Phillips Collection showroom location in Atlanta, High Point, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas or Laguna. You can also get in contact with a rep of Phillips Collection for more information. To stay up to date on upcoming events and markets where Phillips Collection will be featured, bookmark this page.

Phillips Collection is proudly on a green mission and fully supports the sustainable furniture cause. To learn more, click here.

Day 1 Recap: Las Vegas Market

We just finished up the first day of the five-day bi-annual Las Vegas Market, one of the largest furniture and decor expos in the country.

“Market,” as it’s affectionately called by organizers, vendors, and attendees alike, has been a 24-hour whirlwind for us at House Tipster — and we didn’t expect anything less. After all, there are over 4,000 exhibitors covering over 5 million square feet of show space. It’s a dream come true for aficionados of home décor and furniture.

We spent Day 1 speaking with designers and brand representatives from all over the United States. There are so many great products here, and so much stuff to talk about, but here are a few of the people and companies we had the pleasure of talking to.

Scott Eckman: Las Vegas Market

Scott Eckman, leasing director for Las Vegas Market, plays an indispensable role in helping put the entire Market together season after season along with his 200+ coworkers. We were fortunate to speak with Scott about how, exactly, one organizes an event of this magnitude.

He told us “Market is a puzzle” and his goal is to ensure that every exhibitor finds the right space for them. He orchestrates the event by focusing, first and foremost, on using strong communication.

Aside from all the logistics, Scott most enjoys the relationships that are built year after year at Market. Once an exhibitor comes to Market, there’s a big chance they’ll be back! “People come here to become ‘big companies’ and, in the process, we become good friends with them.”

To Scott and his team, Market is the equivalent of the holiday season. This year, there are over 150 new exhibits, meaning there’s a whole slew of new products to explore. How exciting is that?

We loved speaking with Scott and learning about how Market operates. Thanks to Scott and Las Vegas Market for this amazing insight!

Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard Furniture, a Market first-timer, was represented by showroom manager Joanne Tatem. We enjoyed talking with Joanne about all that Vanguard is adding to the Las Vegas Market on a full-time basis.


“We’re excited because it’s our first show here at Market,” says Joanne. This new, vast showroom, which will be open indefinitely here in Vegas, is in addition to their High Point showroom on the East Coast.

Like many others here at Market, the main purpose of this new location is to help the brand branch out and expand their audience here in the West.

And with furniture as high-end and innovative as theirs, we don’t think that’s going to be an issue.

One of the best features that Vanguard offers is their extensive customization capabilities. In fact, you can personalize each piece of furniture from the upholstery all the way down to the hardware and other finishing touches. The possibilities are endless! Plus, the quality is high-end and unsurpassed, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

The craftsmanship we saw from Vanguard is definitely notable. If you’re interested in learning more, browse their online product offerings.

Cyan Design

We also had a great conversation with Field Bradford, the marketing manager at Cyan Design. Field introduced us to their gigantic line of home decor and accessories, and we completely fell in love with their coastal-cool vibe.

This 12-year-old family-owned company based in Fort Worth, TX has been creating lighting and other home decor items that are shaping the entire industry. Today, they have over 4,000 active and in-stock items available to retailers and designers, ranging from glass chandeliers to rugs, pillows and everything in between. The best part? Their products work in a vast number of applications from residential to commercial.

Cyan Design isn’t new to Market. In fact, they’ve come to this bi-annual event regularly over the past five years. Like many companies we spoke with, Market is all about getting in front of some of the most important retailers and designers in the country, especially those who make the Western US their home.

Today, we got to check out some of their 350+ new designs, 135 of which are innovative pillow designs. Field says that consumers today are swooning over their latest series of clear glass light fixtures.

Browse one of Cyan Design’s online catalogs here.

Four Hands

Aside from their classic and ever-expanding product selection, Four Hands is a furniture company with a great story. We spoke at-length with Jerome Kearns, Executive Vice President at Four Hands and he let us in on the real meaning behind the name of his company. Twenty years ago, every single product would pass through the hands of the company’s two founders before heading to the floors of their retailers, hence “Four Hands.”

Since those early years, Four Hands has grown exponentially. Representatives from the company have been coming to “Market” for years, specifically because it’s a great place to showcase their newest and trendiest products to the ever-expanding West Coast market. Today, we were able to see some of their latest upholstery offerings.

What makes Four Hands stand out as a furniture design company? According to Jerome, it’s just a really good product-centered company focused on creating an aesthetic that retailers from Maine to Hawaii enjoy using.

After speaking with Jerome and viewing the products up close and personal, we have no doubt that Four Hands will continue to set new trends and showcase new styles in design and upholstery.

To browse Four Hand’s products, contact a local dealer.

Stay Tuned For More!

We talked with several other amazing product designers and representatives, including Market legend and world-renowned designer Christopher Guy, as well as Joanne Tatem from Vanguard Furniture. We’ll be bringing you features from Christopher and Joanne in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Coastal Cool Decor & Furnishings By Cyan Design

When it comes to home decorations and furniture, we all have our own preferences. Some of us love a contemporary feel, while others lean toward more traditional looks. But whether you’re into sleek lines or intricate designs, there’s something almost all of us can agree one: we love to own unique pieces.

That’s one of the reasons why we fell head over heels for Cyan Design’s amazing, one-of-a-kind decor options.

We recently spoke with Field Bradford, the marketing manager at Cyan Design, at the Summer 2017 Las Vegas Market Expo. Field is very passionate about his company — and we completely understand why! From their family-owned and operated to their relaxed vibe to their extensive product line, there’s a lot to love about Cyan Design.

Are you looking to add unique items to your home that have a coastal cool vibe? Look no further than Cyan Design.

Why Cyan?

Cyan Design isn’t just focused on providing quality decorations to retailers across the country (which, of course, they do). They’re also dedicated to customer service.

From their home base in Fort Worth, Texas to their showrooms in Vegas, High Point, Dallas, and Atlanta, the team at Cyan goes out of their way to ensure their customers get exactly what they’re looking for.

Beautiful Objects for Beautiful Lives

Cyan Design’s company motto “Beautiful Objects for Beautiful Lives” couldn’t be more fitting. The designers creating the objects available for Cyan Design have dedicated their lives to creating memorable statement-worthy pieces that you don’t often see everywhere.

Here are some of our favorite collections and styles offered by Cyan Design:

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows work wonders in transforming a room. Yes, they’re simple and affordable, but they have the ability to bring life to a drab, ivory couch or basic chair. They add contrast and vibrancy in the easiest way possible.

And Cyan Design sets the standard when it comes to throw pillows. When Field told us they created a whopping 135 new designs just this year, we were floored. Whether you’re diggin’ the native influence in the Ganado Pillow or prefer the plush, velvet Sofia Pillow, you’ll always wind up with a quality product.


Field told us that people are going crazy for Cyan Design’s latest clear glass lighting options. But really, all their offerings are out of this world.

The Champs Elysees Pendant immediately drew our attention because it was the perfect mix of modern and classic. The Kaska Pendant is also one of our favorites.

How do you choose between some of the most elaborate, unique light fixtures on the market? If you have the answer, we’d love to hear it!

Coastal Cool, All Year Long

There’s one constant in all of Cyan Design’s decor options and that’s a coastal vibe. This probably results from Cyan’s focus on using blues, greens, and simple clear glass in almost all of their products.

Even if you don’t live on the coast, you can still get the carefree feeling of the ocean by incorporating anything from Cyan Design’s collection, from the round and bubbly Round Toreen Vase to the sunburst-inspired Optic Mirror.

And if you own a beach home, then Cyan Design should definitely be on your shortlist for decor throughout your home.

But What If I’m Not a Designer/Architect/Retailer?

We know what you’re thinking. You’re now 100% sold on Cyan Design and can’t wait to shop for everything from rugs to lamps for your home. But what do you do if you’re not a retailer, interior designer, or any of their other major clientele?

Don’t worry! You can purchase Cyan Design at many stores in-person and online at places like Lamps Plus and furniture stores nationwide.

After we were done talking with Field, we knew this wouldn’t be the last time we’d see Cyan Design at Las Vegas Market and other home furniture and decor expos. With over 4,000 completely unique product offerings and more in the works, there’s a lot to look forward to from Cyan Design.