Dwell on Design: Everything Outdoors

Outdoor spaces are a source of pride for many homeowners. Whether you’re working on a small patio or acres upon acres of open land, spending time making your outdoors area “beautiful” is both therapeutic for your soul and great for the overall aesthetics of your property.

If you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor space, particularly a garden area or your landscaping, then you’re in good company. Homeowners are spending more money every year on landscaping, including growing and mowing grass, installing and maintaining sprinklers, adding trees and other plants, and installing fences and other outdoor structures.

House Tipster is thrilled to attend Dwell on Design and talk to some of the most trusted, trendiest outdoor-focused companies in the industry in order to bring the latest and greatest innovations to you. These are just a handful of the many companies headed to the event.

Outdoor Building Materials

Since they’re exposed to the elements, the materials you use to build outdoors are oftentimes different from those you use indoors. After all, you want to avoid issues like mold and mildew at all costs.

We really love the sustainable wood offered by Humboldt Redwood. It’s the perfect material to build structures like pergolas and decks, while also resisting many types of pests. Aesthetics are important, especially when you’re using building materials that will be seen by your family and houseguests, which is why it’s definitely worth taking a look at Humboldt Redwood’s entire line of quality wood products.

Photo courtesy of Humboldt Redwood

Carpet and even some hardwoods may not be the best flooring option for your outdoor space, especially if you expect a lot of traffic. For a consistently cool-to-the-touch ground or wall cover, take a look at the ceramic, brick, and other tile options offered by the Los Angeles-based retailer,  ARTO. The collections sold at ARTO vary depending on your preferred tastes, from simple glazed brick to the elaborate designs of the Coachella line.

Photo courtesy of Humboldt ARTO

For fencing, look no further than DEACERO USA’s Designmaster Fence line. Made of 100% recycled steel, these fences are super-strong and include a non-toxic powder coating.  If you need a fence but are worried about health and environmental factors, this is a solid option to consider.

Photo courtesy of DEACERO USA Designmaster Fence

By focusing on a product’s quality, what it’s made of, and how it was sourced, you’ll ensure you’re getting the best materials for your outdoor space.

Aesthetic Touches

Don’t forget to also include a few special, little touches to truly make your space unique to you. Dwell on Design features many artists and designers, but these brands really stand out for their innovations and focus on modern design and materials.

Ahhh, the smell of a campfire. If you’re anything like me, then this scent evokes childhood memories. To relive the magic, try adding a modern fire pit from Spark Modern Fires. Our entire team at House Tipster is completely obsessed with the Outdoor Fire Cubes, which can fit virtually anywhere.

Photo courtesy of Spark Modern Fires

We can’t get enough of gardens and landscaping decorated with color and a touch of flair. Design Collaborations designed these super-trendy LED light poles to illuminate your walkways. Oh, and their hand-blown glass rain chains? We’re absolutely in love.

Photo courtesy of Design Collaborations

If simplicity is more your “thing”, consider concrete touches around your outdoor living space. Concrete is not only a versatile building material, it’s also considered eco-friendly and is useable to other products besides building. Settlewell creates unique yet simple concrete pots, perfect for your flowers, dwarf fruit trees, and more. These straight-sided pots are a nice take on the modern, clean lines found on many product lines at Dwell on Design.

Photo courtesy of Settlewell

And the list of phenomenal outdoor products that we’re going to see at Dwell on Design goes on and on.

You’re probably eager to get started browsing the product pages of some of these amazing companies and products (we DEFINITELY don’t blame you). For more information on uniquely modern design features, keep up with our ongoing coverage of Dwell on Design 2017.

Dwell on Design: Green Building Materials

Close your eyes and imagine your dream home. If you’re thinking about vast open spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows that allow a surge of natural light in, solar panels galore, and an ample outdoor living space, then you’re in good company.

Today, we can’t get enough of “green” building. From eco-friendly materials to nature-inspired designs, green building is now more popular than ever before. In fact, more than half of all potential homebuyers say energy efficiency and green building practices are important to them in the search for their next homes.

At House Tipster, we hear you loud and clear. We know you’re dying to get the latest news on innovative technologies, safe and sustainable building materials, and ideal floor plans for your own “green” home.

That’s one of the reasons we’re headed to Dwell on Design this weekend — to check out some of latest sustainable building trends. But did you know that there are over 200 exhibitors at the event? That means there will be a ton of vendors to interview to help you find the perfect “greenness” to add to your home.

Here are just a few companies and products to keep your eyes on if you’re looking to ramp up your home’s green features.

Going Green: Exteriors

Building with green materials isn’t difficult, especially if you’re “in the know” of some of the latest and greatest in green building materials.

Let’s start by talking about wood. After all, wood seems like it would be one of the first things you think about when deciding to “go green.” Unfortunately, many of our favorite woods like teak and cherry are not always harvested sustainably. To avoid purchasing unsustainable woods, look no further than Humboldt Redwood. You can use Humboldt Redwood for anything from your exposed beams to building frames. Best of all, their products are Forest Stewardship Council certified, meaning you can rest assured that they’re grown and harvested sustainably.

Photo courtesy of Humboldt Redwood

When it comes to building, wood is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also use aluminum.  AL 13 Architectural Systems’ aluminum composite panels are hearty enough to stand up to the elements, and they’re also made of one of the most easily recycled materials on the market.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Systems

Along the same lines, Barema European Windows and Doors manufactures their creations out of aluminum as well. These windows and doors grace the highest-quality modern homes throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Barema European Windows and Doors

And then we come to home barriers, which aren’t necessarily “sexy” but they’re a necessary part of any home build. Henry Blueskin vapor barriers and liquid flashing contain fewer chemicals than other brands, while still maintaining the same level of effectiveness.

Photo courtesy of Henry Blueskin

Going Green: Interiors

It’s just as important to be “green” inside as it is outside, for both personal health and environmental reasons.

To this day, some paints still contain VOCs and are unhealthy to breathe in, especially if you have young children. Avoid these chemicals and instead use products that are better for you and your family. For starters, try Dunn-Edwards Corporation paints. When you’re working with Dunn-Edwards paints, you know you’re using the best of the best. Not only is the paint the highest quality, but they produce it in the world’s only LEED Gold-certified manufacturing plant. If you want to avoid VOCs altogether, use the Dunn-Edwards Spartazero interior line of low odor/VOC-free paint.

Photo courtesy of Dunn-Edwards Corporation

If paint isn’t your forte, test out some other wall coverings from Archoterra. All their veneers and papers are created from recycled paper and bonding ages. Plus, they’re eco-friendly and come in a variety of styles to satisfy any design taste out there.

Photo courtesy of Archoterra

Natural stone checks most of the boxes of environmental-friendliness and are a must-have in green homes. Two stone importers located in the LA-area plan to be at Dwell on Design to showcase their products. Ollin International Imports offers some of rarest natural stones from around the world.

Photo courtesy of Ollin International Imports

Along the same lines, we’re also impressed by the natural stone selection and other surface options offered by  Stoneville USA, Inc.

Photo courtesy of Stoneville USA, Inc.

Green building has never been easier thanks to the many environment-focused products on the market. The best part? They’re designed to make your home work better for you, your family, and the planet.

Dwell on Design: Meet the Architects & Home Tours

When I think of modern design, I automatically begin to picture the window-filled, bright, contemporary homes in and around Hollywood. Southern California has a complete monopoly on my modern design-daydreams — and for good reason. This area is chock-full of the best modern homes in the country.

So the fact that Dwell, the go-to modern design digest for homeowners and industry professionals, chose to once again hold their Dwell on Design expo in Los Angeles was a no-brainer. So many movers and shakers in the field have made this region their canvas.

And this weekend, our team is being given the chance to get a glimpse of this modern design artwork up close and personal.

House Tipster’s complete coverage of Dwell on Design begins with “Meet the Architects.” They, we close out the event with the Home Tours. Here’s everything you need to know about both events hosted by Dwell.

About Meet the Architects

“Meet the Architects” is an evening devoted to the dreamers and doers of the 10 homes featured in Dwell on Design’s Home Tours option. The event kicks off at 7 PM on Thursday, June 22, at the Pacific Design Center.

During this exclusive soiree, the architects, builders, interior designers, and other professionals responsible for the inspiration and build of the homes will talk about their work and provide insight into their specific projects.

“Meet the Architects” is the best way to get to know the homes in the tours and the minds behind them. It’s an exciting, can’t-miss event for anyone interested in modern architecture.

Home Tours 101

Speaking of the Home Tours, the homes featured in Dwell on Design’s 2017 Home Tours are one-of-a-kind examples of modern architecture and design. In fact, Dwell hand-selected these houses based on their adherence to the magazine’s ideal standard that ultimately blends livable function with modern design elements.

On June 24, the first day of the home tours, attendees can visit a total of five homes located in Santa Monica, Culver City, and Venice. They range from the pre-fabricated, multi-story home designed by Jennifer Siegal, to the sustainably-built Minarc creation.

Then, on June 25, we’ll all head to the Hills of Santa Monica to view a mixture of remodeled and contemporary architectural masterpieces.

All 10 homes are made with the highest quality building and design products, making them remarkably magazine-worthy. (Get ready to swoon!)

What We’re Bringing to You

Our press team is ready and eager to bring you all the essential design-related news from “Meet the Architects” and the Home Tours.

We’ll be providing some great takeaways from the events, including information on the latest must-have designs for homeowners and professionals across the country. In addition, we plan to feature our favorite products, builders, architectural firms and more during and after Dwell on Design on our website and Facebook page.

We’re just getting started with our Dwell on Design coverage. Stay tuned for more!

House Tipster to Attend ‘Meet the Architects Night’ at Dwell on Design

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey: House Tipster, an innovative online home improvement platform offering a slate of services ranging from virtual design tools to helpful forums for homeowners and professionals, will bring a team to the Los Angeles Convention Center to attend “Meet the Architects Night” at Dwell on Design Thursday, June 22nd from 7:00-9:00pm.

Dwell on Design, the largest design fair in the United States brings designers and design enthusiasts together in one location for over three exciting days of modern design-related idea sharing. The event kicks off with the “Meet the Architects Night” event.

During this dinner, the architects, designers, and builders responsible for creating the modern homes featured in the popular Home Tours showcase discuss their projects in-depth.

In total, 10 homes are featured in the Home Tours, all of which are modern and represent the Dwell brand. Those with tickets to the Home Tours have access to this special dinner event. Then, attendees travel to Santa Monica, Culver City, and Venice on Saturday, June 24th and Hollywood and Silver Lake, on Sunday, June 25th to view each of the homes.

“Meet the Architects Night” is a great opportunity to learn about the design and build process of homes that truly encapsulate the best of modern architecture and design. “We’re extremely excited to learn about the newest trends from the world’s most creative and forward-thinking design professionals. It’s a can’t miss event for our company and audience” states Thomas Wolosik, Executive Manager at House Tipster.

Tickets to attend “Meet the Architects” and participate in Home Tours are still available following this link. Otherwise, keep up with House Tipster on Facebook to follow our coverage of the entire Dwell on Design.

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