How to Design a Kosher Kitchen with Expert Lisa Eisen

Kosher Kitchen Design with Expert Lisa Eisen

Designing a kosher kitchen requires a lot of nuances and understanding on how you want your kitchen to look while following kosher dietary laws. To clarify how to design a kosher kitchen, we spoke to an expert on kitchen design. Lisa Eisen has been designing kitchens for 20 years in Rockland County, specializing in Jewish kitchens. We took the chance to pick her very creative mind and see what goes into constructing a kosher kitchen.


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Tony Mazlish Talks About NeoCon, X-Chair, And The Future Of The Chair Industry

X-Chair team at NeoCon

X-Chair, a leading name within the office chair industry, utilizes components that are often overlooked, providing the best features that cutting-edge technology has to offer, while combining modern aesthetics of design to each of its products. Without compromising any of its qualities, X-Chair gives its consumers the best of both worlds, providing both the looks and the pragmatic functionality that comes with a high-quality office chair.

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Sherwin-Williams Creates Architect and Designer Support Center

Amidst the COVID-19 healthcare crisis and international shutdowns, nearly every company around the world has had to adjust to dramatically different business models. To assist designers and architects during these uncertain times, paint and coatings leader Sherwin-Williams has created a new resource called the Architect and Designer Support Center.

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Traci Connell Talks Design & Architecture Partnerships at Dallas Market

Traci Connell of Traci Connell Interiors hosted a riveting and relevant panel discussion during Dallas Market Center’s fall season of Dallas Design Week. The featured talk, titled “Perfecting the Partnership between Designer, Architect and Home Builder” What they really want from a designer’s perspective,” offered solutions for cross-genre teamwork. 

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