icff south florida 2018

Kannoa Displays Colorful Outdoor Furniture Options at ICFF Florida 2018

Miami-based brand Kannoa manufactures outdoor furniture that can transform your space into a tropical getaway. The House Tipster team spoke with Luis Blasini, Co-Founder of Kannoa, and Sebastien Manni, Global Sales Director, at the brand’s ICFF Florida 2018 showcase this December, to hear all about how their colorful and creative product lines came to be.

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MeyStyle Displays LED Fabrics and Wallpaper at ICFF Florida 2018

LED lights just keep growing in their popularity – and their stylish applications just keep getting more inventive. Sisters Ekaterina and Maria Yaschuk are the owners of a wallpaper and fabric company called MeyStyle, which incorporates these energy-efficient glowing lights into designer wallpapers. The overall effect is as whimsical as it is high-tech.

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