Joseph Haecker

Every designer’s journey is different. Some start out knowing exactly what they want to design, while others stumble on their niche over time. For Joseph Haecker, design was always a part of his life. “As a kid, I was big into doodling and playing with Legos, and those interests grew into an 18-year career designing light fixtures.” explained Haecker while at the Spring 2018 High Point Market expo.

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Kathy Ireland

This year marks a big milestone for Kathy Ireland and her interior design company, Kathy Ireland Home Worldwide: it has officially been 25 years since the model and actress-turned business mogul first debuted in home furnishings back in 1993.

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Patti Carpenter

There’s a common thread that connects the trends we see at trade shows, retail floors, and homes across the world. It’s a woman by the name of Patti Carpenter.

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Barrie Livingstone

For Barrie Livingstone, a Manchester, England-born designer who moved to the US in 1982,  the passion to design spaces that make people feel at home is all-consuming. Ever since he started designing and marketing residences and hospitality settings over 30 years ago, Barrie has strived to connect people with spaces that speak to them. And the result is magical.

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