Jimmy DeLaurentis

Philadelphia native Jimmy DeLaurentis has a notable 30 years of experience under his belt as an esteemed interior designer, entrepreneur, and product designer with a keen eye for luxury.

In the past quarter of a decade alone, DeLaurentis has worked on the creative team at Ralph Lauren, has designed high-end homes and business spaces for an impressive roster of A-list clients, and has grown multiple comprehensive product lines that have introduced even more design-savvy design enthusiasts into his creative world.

Interior Design Firm

When DeLaurentis works with clients on their interior design projects, no idea is too grand to strive for. The limitless creator’s overarching goal is to create memorable spaces informed by multiple genres and influences.

His personal aim is to capture the “unexpected, refreshing aesthetic” in order to “emit luxury and class with his work, whether that is in formal living room spaces, functional kitchens, or cozier, relaxing dens.

Jimmy DeLaurentis with Christopher Grubb at Las Vegas Market 2019

JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis Private Label Furniture

One of DeLaurentis’ most impressive accomplishments to date is his ever-expanding JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis private label furniture collection. The products he has created for the brand are a natural extension of the custom furniture he has created over the years for clients’ homes.

The brand was released about three years ago, and each piece launched celebrates full color, Old Hollywood glamour, and the creator’s Italian roots. As part of the range, you can find cozy sofas, stylish loveseats, velvet ottomans, accent chairs, headboards, and more – with product names inspired by Italian movie stars of the 1940s.

The designer’s latest collection is the “Amfali” line, which is a celebration of DeLaurentis’ global travels and the stunning beauty of the Amfali Coast.

“Seeing my vision come to life means the world to me,” he said about the launch in a statement. “Amalfi was inspired by the vibrancy of the coast of Italy. I’m honored to see my new pieces loved by so many and am thrilled by the success of the launch.”

Danielle. Pet Sofa. Image courtesy of Jimmy DeLaurentis

Something Extra Special for Pets

Have you ever decorated an entire space with your dream decor, elaborate furniture, and one-of-a-kind art, only to realize that your pet accessories stood out like a sore thumb? If you’re a pet owner with particularly refined taste, you know that a beige foam disc from a big box retailer just won’t cut it for your your cats and dogs – which is where the JAMES collection comes in!

In 2018, the JAMES furniture line recently expanded to include some impeccable designer dog beds that have the same elegant look and feel as its human-approved counterparts. But, there is extra care taken in the materials, which as Greenguard Gold Certified to be safe and relatively chew-proof. DeLaurentis uses faux velvets and wipeable fabrics that still feel just as luxurious as the full-size sofas.

His “models” for the line are his own pups, Danny and Giselle, who love to be spoiled rotten and served as the inspiration behind the whole collection.

“We always have to keep our pets in mind!” DeLaurentis told us. “Why not do the same [furniture designs for pets] so it fits in with any lifestyle?”

JAMES Candle collection

JAMES Luxury Candle Collection

In addition to his extensive line of home furnishings, DeLaurentis’ popular JAMES label also carries a collection of luxury candles that help set the atmosphere of a space.

The sleek designer scents are currently available in retail across Pennsylvania and Italy – two perfect homes for DeLaurentis – with some online shopping options that will keep us all in the mix. The three debut scents include L’Aquilla (named to honor DeLaurentis’ mother’s Italian hometown), Abruzzo, and Harvest.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing what innovative and opulent new products DeLaurentis comes up with next!

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